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Top 8 Child's Health Symptoms to Check with Your Pediatrician

We commonly notice cuts, common colds and fever in kids and are generally considered as a short period of illness during their childhood. There is nothing serious about these common issues in children as it is the way they build immunity with the changing conditions and it is on a healthy note. However, there would be some situations where it is difficult to determine certain symptoms of prolonged illness that don't go away with time. It is very crucial to evaluate these with immediate pediatric care. Never ever wait until these symptoms worsen over time, because at a later stage it may turn out into chronic disease or into a terminal illness. Below are the top 8 kids health symptoms you should never ignore if they persist for a longer duration.

Unable to Respond for Loud Noises:

If you notice that your Newborn or toddler is not responding to louder noises or doesn't look at you while you speak to him, then it's a concern. If you notice such symptoms consultant a pediatrician to check hearing problems.

High Fever:

We often notice kids suffering from fever and this is due to stomach virus or else for any minor infections. So when the kid has a high fever with a headache this might be a cause of major infection. Kids tend to develop seizures when having a high fever. So, consult a child specialist, as a prior treatment to stay out of many higher complications.

Abdominal Pain:

Very often, kids are exposed to a new diet as well as junk foods. When your child complains of persisting stomach pain, you must pay attention. The stomach is a common area where they suffer pain. If the pain is noticed on the right side then it is a major issue and you can notice other symptoms such as..

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Tenderness once touched

The above symptoms can be caused due to appendicitis, but the common difference between a stomachache and appendicitis is the pain worsens over time.

Breathing Problem:

In USA, nearly 10 percent of the kids are suffering from asthma, the symptoms would be difficult to breathe and shortness of breath while playing or exercising. Asthma does not cure with the treatment but gradually decrease the symptoms that cause asthma. So, if you notice that your child is gasping for breath while at his outdoor games, you should not ignore.

Weight Loss:

Minor changes in the weight are negligible, but if you notice a drastic weight loss then and loss of appetite it is a sign of underlying disease. You may also notice that their normal activity is hampered due to lethargy. In this case, immediately consult your kid's pediatrician about their weight loss and other related concerns.

Excessive Thirst:

Excessive thirst is another problem and we notice this in the people below 20 years. If the kids go for running or playing games can cause dehydration, but if you notice the kids having excessive thirst then immediately seek for pediatric care as this may lead to type1 diabetes the symptoms include high urination passage, extreme hunger, sudden weight loss and fatigue. If you notice the following symptoms, then consult a pediatrician immediately.

Big Rash:

If you notice a rash on your kid's hand or feet then there is no need to be concerned, but if it is overall the body then it is time to take immediate action. Along with these rashes if there is a high fever then time for a medical check-up because it could be a severe bacterial or viral infection.

Headache :

Generally, kids don't complain of headaches. But if you notice that your child complains of headache and you observe the loss of consciousness, it is definitely a major concern. Headache coupled with high fever could be an infection in the brain. Get an immediate pediatric consultation just to evaluate the issue and get the right treatment to prevent any complications.

We cannot determine when the kids are prone to major illnesses, but timely attention and evaluation can always keep kids healthy and safe. We at Oscar Pediatrics have a team of responsive pediatricians who offer child-friendly pediatric care in Cranford and surrounding towns. We offer extended hours and weekend hours (by appointment only) in order to serve our patients at any time. To schedule, your appointment reach us at

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